“It’s such happiness when good people get together.”-JANE AUSTEN


CyFair Women’s Network is for you if:

  • You are a businesswoman looking to grow your network of professional contacts.
  • You have professional and/ or interpersonal skills you are looking to develop.
  • You enjoy being part of an organization active in the Cy-Fair community.
  • You would like to volunteer but don’t have the time to commit to one organization full time.
  • You’re looking to join a group of like-minded women who empower one another.



As a prospective member of CFWN, I understand the following:

  1. If this application is accepted, I must pay the organization’s ANNUAL dues before membership will become effective.
  2. Membership in the organization is open to owners, partners, principals or associates who live or work in the Cy-Fair area, as defined by the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Membership is non-competitive.
  4. Membership is restricted to one business or profession per person.

A guest must attend two (2) consecutive meetings according to CFWN By-Laws in order to become eligible for membership.

Membership dues are due after a guest attends two (2) times and is accepted for membership by the board. Members pay for their own lunch.

New Member Dues are $140. This breaks down to: $25 per quarter plus $40 application fee – due all at once. Fee includes CFWN name badge. Membership renewal is $125. Change of Category fee (as of 10.03.18) will be $25 per change.


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Our meetings are held the first and third WEDNESDAY of every month from 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM deep in the heart of Cypress, TX at Longwood Golf Club. The cost for lunch is $17 and payable by cash or credit card.