What Is The Federation Of Houston Professional Women?

Dr. Betty Ann Snead of University of Houston’s College of Business Administration began teaching Women in Administration courses starting in 1975 and quickly realized that women were being denied access to both necessary business information and valuable contacts.

Rosie Walker, Owner and Publisher of the Houston Working Woman’s Journal was a class speaker for Dr. Snead, a member of the American Business Women’s Network (AWBA) and a role model for female Entrepreneurs.

In the early 1980’s, business and professional networking organizations were emerging throughout the country. Similar efforts began to evolve within the American Business Women’s Association, Academic and Women’s Scientific and Medical Groups.

Dr. Snead, Rosie Walker and a third woman, Kay Allen, a field representative for the National Headquarters for the AWBA, came together to determine that an umbrella group representing Women’s Professional Organizations could be beneficial. The trio decided to meet quarterly with the aspiration to assemble a group large enough to attract speakers of National and International stature. They wanted to provide businesswomen the influence and presence so deeply needed; hence, a model constitution and bylaws for the organization was presented on March 31, 1981.

By September 1981, the Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW) was officially founded with officers elected to serve through the 1982 calendar year.

With 14 member organizations, the FHPW was chartered by the State of Texas in May 1982 as a non-profit, non-partisan business league. The mission of FHPW to unite member organizations to promote a place of influence and power. Decades later, the FHPW is the only one of its kind.

An endowed scholarship at University of Houston was established with $10,000 in 1988. In 2001, in honor of their 20th year anniversary, FHPW made an additional $10,000 gift. While the organization continues to put monies in as needed, the meeting in April 2016 raised $25,000 in 20 minutes.

The establishment of a non-profit Educational Foundation also began in 1990. Since 1997, FHPW has given over $410,000 to Texas woman of all degrees and ages.

Money is raised from the Annual Women of Excellence gala by donations provided by individuals, member organizations and companies owned by FHPW members.

Three Past Cy-fair Women’s Network members have served as Presidents of FHPW- Judy Carlini, 2007; Linda McAdams, 2003; and, Pat Durham, 2002.

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For more information about FHPW, please visit the Federation of Houston Professional Women.

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