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The mission of Cy-Fair Women’s Network is to help business women develop contacts, grow their business and share their
knowledge while making a difference in the community through service, advocacy and involvement.

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Membership Requirements

As a prospective member of the Cy-Fair Women’s Network, I understand the following:

  1. If this application is accepted, I must pay the organization’s ANNUAL dues before membership will become effective.
  2. Membership in the organization is open to owners, partners, principals or associates who live or work in the Cy-Fair area, as defined by the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Membership is non-competitive.
  4. Membership is restricted to one business or profession per person.

A guest must attend 2 consecutive meetings according to CFWN By-Laws in order to become eligible for membership.
Membership dues are due after a guest attends two (2) times and is accepted for membership by the board. Members pay for their own lunch.

Our Address for checks to be mailed to is:
12218 Jones Rd.
Suite D # 160
Houston, TX